If you are interested in using MHBC supplies, please request through the contact page.

As of 01/18/2017


·      At Bill Miller’s

o   3-large Tupperware boxes of club history photo albums, new clipping

o   1-metal tool box (empty)

o   1-metal cash box (empty)

o   1-large cardboard box containing paper products, plates, utensils, cups, dish wash liquid

o   1-gallon spring water

o   1-liter seltzer water

o   1-12oz. can ice tea    

·      At Ed King’s

·      Park Tool’s;

o   CCP-44 Crank puller

o   CCP-22 Crank puller

o   BBT-9 Bottom bracket tool

o   BBT-22 Bottom bracket tool

o   BBT-18 Bottom bracket tool

o   SR-1 Chain whip

o   FR-5G Cassette lockring tool

o   BT-2 3rd hand cable stretcher

o   PW-4 Pedal wrench

o   CN-10 Cable and housing cutter

o   TW-1 Torque wrench

o   Work stand

o   Truing stand (non-Park tool)

·      At Fred Freed’s

o   1-Banner from GEAR UP ‘81

o   1-Banner ‘Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club’ since 1966

o   4-magnetic SAG Support signs

o   1-Tupperware large box with news clippings 2002-2011

o   Picture slides from GEAR ‘74

o   Picture slides from GEAR UP ‘81

o   1-roll of raffle tickets

·      At Jason Klock’s

o   7-5gallon water/Gatorade jugs

o   10- miscellaneous cardboard road signs on wooden stakes used at previous Century events