ABC Quick Check: complete before each bicycle ride…

 A: is for Air

         Inflate tires to the rated pressure as listed on the sidewall. Check for damage to tire thread and sidewall. Replace if damaged.

 B: is for Brakes

       ✓ Inspect pads for wear: replace if necessary. Check pad adjustment: make sure they do not rub tire. Check break lever travel: at least 1-inch between bar and lever when applied.

 C: is for Cranks, Chain, Cassette

         Inspect crank bolts for tightness. Check chain for wear: If more than 12 1/8 inches between twelve links, replace. Check to see if shifting works smoothly. If you notice skipping or unusual noise, adjust or replace worn parts.

Quick: is for Quick Release

         Inspect to make sure that they are engaged with tightening pressure starting at 90-degrees from frame.

 Check: is for Check Over

         Take a quick, short ride to check derailleurs and breaks are working properly. Notice any unusual noise: tighten, replace or fix before taking a longer ride.